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There is an article in yesterday’s New York times about the Johnstown Flood and some of the research that Carrie, Neal, Uldis, and Reed have begun.

(And yes, I know there has been a large gap in posts here–my hope is to soon post several items about the field trips that we’ve gone on this fall.)

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This is a good article explaining the coorelation with radium and the surrounding various types of granitic rocks in Finland

Finland is composed of pre-cambrian rocks located on the Fenno-Scandanavian shield.  It is believed that several chain mountain building events took place by evidence found within the strata.  Several folds were found and chronologically dated.  The paper goes on to deconstruct theories put forth to explain the several granites found in Finland.    I suggest reading  reading this article to get furthur insight into igneous petrology in Finland.

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